Mini Excavation – Tight Access Excavations

Need mini excavation in a tight spot?

Our mini excavation equipment is specifically designed for use on projects where tight access excavations is is required. These will be jobs in which it will be impractical or impossible to bring in full-sized machinery at all, or without significant expense.

Some Sydney properties can present quite a challenge when tight space or limited access is unable to accommodate full-sized excavation equipment. Our specialised machinery allows us to get in to some hard-to-reach areas, and to work within what are sometimes delicate confines.  

We have specialised equipment that is highly manoeuvrable and works well in small, difficult-to-access spaces. In addition, our capable operators have a great deal of precision and expertise in the most limited of access situations. This is especially important when using larger equipment could risk potential damage to the property, such as in cases of historical properties or attached housing, for instance.

If there is a way to safely access a tight or limited space, we will find it! You can count on us to provide honest and frank input on what is or is not possible, and where there may be hidden risks.

Tight access excavation work with a mini excavator machinery
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