Excavations & Earthworks

An excavation company that's "down to earth"

Excavations Near Me offers comprehensive earthworks and excavation services in Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

Prices starting from $80/hour

Earthmoving & excavations services

Swimming Pools, Dig-outs & Trenching

We prepare the soil and excavate, ready for your pool, tiles, paving or other landscaping. We take care of any necessary rock-breaking and the removal of dirt, soil and debris, as well as cleaning up and levelling the site.

Tight & Limited Access Excavations

Our compact excavation equipment is highly manouevrable and specifically designed for use on projects where it is impractical or even impossible to bring in full-sized machinery without significant expense.

Land Clearing, Levelling & Grading

When you need to create sub-grading, finished contouring, a level base, or a specific angle of slope, speak to us to arrange the clearing, grading and levelling of your construction site or landscaping area.

Dirt & Soil Removal

When there’s a large amount of soil or other material that needs to be removed, it makes sense to engage our convenient services to shift it quickly and easily, rather than trying to take care of it yourself.

Construction workers with safety gear planning out an excavation project

Safe. Professional. Reliable.

When you need earthmoving services, you can rely on our highly trained operators to expertly prepare the ground and clear the way for your building or landscaping project. We have specialised machinery and equipment to safely dig, scrape, level, grade, or excavate in a range of soil conditions. 

We maintain full compliance with relevant procedures, industry standards, practices, and council requirements, and we are fully licenced and insured for your complete peace of mind. If you have a project that calls for earthworks in Sydney, be sure to speak to our friendly team at Excavations Near Me. Call us today on 0450 516 144 or email us below: