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Whether you’re installing a new swimming pool, laying underground plumbing, or clearing a site for new development, we’ve got the excavation tools and know-how to get the job done.

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Experts in excavations & earthmoving

As local excavation contractors in Sydney, we operate specialist machinery and equipment to help you shift ground, dig holes and trenches, mould land forms, excavate, and generally clear spaces for building and landscaping projects. We have a firm grasp of what’s called for in a range of situations, with knowledge and awareness of different soil conditions, as well as the relevant council and practical processes for compliance and safety.

Why use us as your excavation contractors?

Sydney Excavation & Earthworks understands that when you need us, typically we’re part of a bigger project that probably can’t move forward until our work is done. So, mindful of our important role in each venture’s timing and progress, we take care to ensure you can always count on us. Literally, our job is to clear the way so your project can move forward smoothly… and we take that responsibility seriously!

An excavator grader and skidsteer loader (Bobcat)


Pool & Spa Groundworks

Dig-outs & Trenching

Tight / Limited Access

Land Levelling



Dirt & Soil Removal

Two construction workers overseeing an excavation project

Taking the hard work out of groundwork

Our excavation works prepare the ground for your visions to take solid form – like a new home, swimming pool, spa, waste-water treatment system, dream garden grounds, and a host of other residential or commercial property improvements we’ve contributed to over the years. It all starts from the ground up, and with our expert operators and reliable equipment, we’re pleased to provide good-quality service every time, and you can count on that. The earth will move for you.

Save yourself the back-breaking digging work in building and landscaping. We clear, level, dig out, redistribute, and/or grade the ground as you need it, and can usually access hard-to-reach, or tight spaces.

Apart from general earthmoving works, we also cater to excavations for spas, lap pools and recreational swimming pools; and our work is suitable for both concrete and fibreglass pool installations.

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