Land Clearing, Levelling & Grading

An excavator land clearing and levelling the ground

Excavations for a solid foundation

It all starts with an even base...

When your construction or demolition projects requires sub-grading, finished contouring, a level base, or a specific angle of slope, speak to the team at Sydney Excavation & Earthworks to help you get the job done.

We have the specialised, heavy-earthmoving machinery and equipment necessary for all aspects of site clearing, ground levelling, grading and landscaping. Our skilled machinery operators are experts in achieving the level of precision these types of jobs call for.

If you’d like to know more about our clearing, levelling and grading services please get in touch by phone or email. We can conduct an in-person, on-site assessment assess to determine the most suitable approach for your construction or landscaping project, even if space or access is limited.

Land clearing & demolition

We carry out clearing work on construction sites in preparation for other building works that follow. From grasses and vegetation, to clearance of deeper, embedded rocks, tree roots, debris or other obstructions, we capably clear the terrain and make it ready for your slab, foundations, landscaping works, pathways, driveways and more. We also carry out post-demolition clean-up and clearing.

Land levelling

A level starting point is essential in building construction as, literally, all else rests upon it. With suitable levelling technology and equipment, we are able to achieve a perfectly flat surface, while taking into account the soil-settling and compacting that can occur when heavy equipment is in use. We provide a perfect, level base for your structure or landscaping to stand firmly upon, and level footings for all manner of walkways and drives.

Land grading

Grading is used to create a slope or a series of contours. Most typically, residential land is graded to ensure water run-off flows away from your building foundations, protecting them from water or silt accumulation, and pooling problems.

Road and driveway construction may call for grading to take place, to form a smooth and viable slope or pathway between one point and another. Grading is also incorporated to assist in channelling drainage for garden beds and other landscaping or garden features.