Dirt & Soil Removal

Removing dirt & excavation waste

When there’s a large amount of soil or other material that needs to be removed, it makes sense to engage our convenient services to shift it quickly and easily, rather than trying to hand-shovel and distribute, or deal with it yourself.

We can save you a lot of time and effort with our purpose-built machinery and equipment. We have established routines for the proper and safe disposal of soils and materials.

There are several reasons you might need soil or other fill material taken away from your yard or construction site. For instance, you might be installing a swimming pool and once the hole has been dug out, you find yourself with a large mound of excavated dirt sitting in your yard, taking up space.

If you’d like to know more about what we can do for you, get in touch by email or phone 0450 516 144. We’ll be happy to give our assessment as to your options for safe and effective removal of soil, dirt or other materials, from your home or construction site.

Dirt & soil removal from a construction site
Clearing rocks and soil debris from a construction site

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Earthworks and landscaping can also produce an excess of material on the site, which may need to be taken away, or otherwise disposed of. If not, you end up with unsightly piles of dirt or material on your property, which may be prone to attracting weed growth, unwanted vegetation, water run-off, or possibly vermin. Better that you deal with all that needs removing as the project progresses, and keep your site in good condition.

Materials like soil, bricks and concrete can potentially be recycled and reused in other applications, such as for road base, or landfill. You may want to consider whether you want soil used and redistributed around your property, as fill, mounding or swales, or to have it completely removed.